Christopher Adler

Christopher Adler presented Telephon—no. 2B—12z for NWEAMO 2020

Telephon—no. 2B—12z
from Zaum Box, by Christopher Adler (2015-16)
Realization by Katelyn King, percussion
Video by Ute Freund
Sound by Christoph Utzinger

Zaum Box is a collection of ten compositions ranging in length from seventeen seconds to eight minutes,
each scored for solo percussionist who orates Russian Futurist poetry while performing on a variety of instruments and devices. Zaum, or ‘trans-rational’ language, was developed by poet Alexei Kruchenykh in
1913, who asserted that ordinary language could not express the thoughts of the modern mind in a state of inspiration. The text of Telephon—no. 2B—12z was written by Vasily Kamensky in Tango with Cows, published in 1914. The poem evokes the kinetic energy of the early modern city through dizzying collage of languages, fonts, characters and numbers.
Christopher Adler is a composer, performer and improviser living in San Diego, California. His compositions encompass cross-culturally hybrid forms drawn from contemporary concert music and
traditional musics of Thailand and Laos, and the application of mathematics to composition.
He is a foremost performer of traditional and new music for the khaen, a free-reed mouth organ from Laos and Northeast Thailand. He is a pianist with Nief-Norf and NOISE, an Affiliated Artist with San Diego New Music, a co-founder of the soundON Festival of Modern Music, and Director of Composition for the Nief- Norf Summer Festival.
His work may be heard on Tzadik, Innova, Blue Griffin, Liber Pulveris, pfMENTUM, Rattle, Blue Leaf, Nine Winds, Artship Recordings, Vienna Modern Masters, Centaur, Traditional Crossroads, Circumvention, and Accretion Records.