Jeonghyeon Joo

Jeonghyeon Joo

Jeonghyeon Joo along with Seunghee Han perform at 6 pm on Saturday May 16th 2020 to open the NWEAMO 2020 festival.

Jeonghyeon Joo is a Haegeum(Korean stringed instrument) performer, composer and a researcher, who is active in traditional and contemporary music.

As an authentic Korean traditional musician, Joo has mastered classical and folk repertoires of Korean music and won prestigious awards in including Presidential Award of Korea (2012), First Prize at KBS Korean Music Competition(2014), Grand Prize at Jeonju-daesaseup Traditional Music Competition(Award from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, 2011) and Silver Prize at Dong-A Korean Music Competition(2012) for outstanding artistic achievements in Haegeum.

Joo has been actively performing at traditional and contemporary music scenes as a soloist and a member of ensemble PHASE, collaborating with living composers and performers which often includes improvisation, electronics and visual arts. She focuses on extending techniques of the haegeum and exploring various ways to collaborate with different types of instruments and diverse forms of arts.

Recently, based on her spirit of experiment and challenge, she has premiered a number of pieces by her own and contemporary composers at various stages such as ICMC 2018, ICMC 2016, NWEAMO 2019/2018, Experimental Music Festival Dotolimpic and Korean Music Project.
Also, in order to expand interest in writing for Korean instruments, Joo has given workshops for composers and students to better understand Korean music and haegeum at University of California Riverside(2019), San Diego State University(2019/2018), Seoul National University(2017) and Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles(2017).

As a researcher, her research interests include creating études for haegeum, virtuosity in non-western instrumental music, fiddles of East Asia and improvisation tradition/transition in Korean music. Joo holds a M.A.(Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Program, College of Education) and a B.M.(Bachelor of Music, Department of Korean Music, College of Music) from Seoul National University.
Her projects were supported by Arts Council Korea(2018), Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture(2017-2019), and Seoul Metropolitan Government(2017).

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