Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson performed the NWEAMO 2020 piece Good Night
It was composed by Hi Fi, c.e.l. dreams and Mary Jackson.

Hi-Fi is an artist currently based in San Diego, CA. An up-and-coming composer, Hi-Fi produces experimental electronic and hip-hop influenced music. His music revolves around evoking different emotions that give the listener a sense of nostalgia whilst always staying current. Always creating something new out of pieces of the past, every Hi-Fi release tells a story that the listener can interpret in their own way.”

This song was written with the intent of comfort. I was having trouble sleeping around the time of writing and my mind kept wandering into darker places. My wife and I wrote this song as almost a “lullaby” for those sorts of nights. It features my mom singing and my dad reciting a story about his time growing up. I hope it can provide some solace to you.