Introduction to NWEAMO 2021

by George Pittas

Compassion: The New Colossus
May 2nd
from 1 to 6 PM PDT / 23:00 UTC

NWEAMO 2021 presents works that bridge the gap between visual and audio,
allowing a seamless integration of creativity in time based art pieces.

The festival lineup continues to grow in diversity and strength, all over the map as is our mission.
Other works range from virtuosic to ambient to wildly eclectic and impossible to characterize.  Half are animated or fully produced videos, half are performances.
There are 23 works on the festival curated from artists the world over, organized into 3 sets.
The 3 sets are asynchronous were released at 1 PM PDT / 23:00 UTC.
You can experience the pieces one by one, or explore them as three boxes of chocolates: sampling, taking a bite, putting it back, coming back later, trying something and moving on, or coming back multiple times.  Most range in duration from 3 minutes to 10 minutes,  a few go a little longer. The final set is reserved for extended works, and only contains a couple!.
The theme this year is a response to the tumultuous divisions that have seared our cultural fabric since prehistory and which were fanned by unscrupulous sociopaths to
intense levels during the past four years.
We are now in a period of calm and it is up to us to do whatever we can to heal by reaching out, forgiving, accepting and letting go.  This is the central work of artists in a healthy culture and we are privileged to be part of this work.
The theme is “
Compassion: The New Colossus”, named after the poem that rests at the Statue of Liberty.

Sincerely,  Jozefius Vaatierz Rattus (Joseph M. Waters):
Founder & Artistic Director


Video Editing by Tim Poulin

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