2012 – San Diego CA: Hidden Identities2012 – San Diego CA: Hidden Identities


NWEAMO 2012 is part of the celebration of SDSU SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DANCE 75th  ANNIVERSARY — NWEAMO respectfully dedicates the 2012 festival to Steve Jobs, a great  dreamer, who made dreams into reality, and who gave us tools to realize our own dreams —  Dates: Feb. 28-Mar. 3 (Five Concerts — please see below for details) Venue: SDSU  Music — Smith Recital Hall Tickets: http://sa1.seatadvisor.com/sabo/servlets/EventSearch?presenter=SDSU&categoryId=1  Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/322648554433840/ Homepage: http://www.nweamo.com/HOME/NWEAMO-2012-Festival-of-Hidden-Identities.lasso

The NWEAMO crew invites you to indulge your need for creative escape and join us in celebrating our hidden dreamworlds at a series of fantasy concerts designed to provide a soundtrack to our collective unconscious. All you need to enter is a simple mask, nothing fancy, and a Swarmius-NWEAMO name — And never worry, if your jar of pseudonyms has gone missing NWEAMO nom-de-plumber Lawdyladymus Nomentumtum has graciously offered to scratch her noggin on your behalf… and if you do not have a mask NWEAMO will have them at the door for $1….. Artistic Director Joe Waters: “We are experimenting with breaking down the walls between audience and musicians, and want to create a ritual that draws from the Carnival of Venice where everyone from all walks of life conceals their identity. NWEAMO is based in Venice Italy and San Diego, CA, and going a bit further we invite everyone to take on a SWARMIUS-NWEAMO name for the festival and to post it on Facebook. Prizes for best names! And I would say that the purpose of NWEAMO is to get people to not take themselves so seriously, to have fun – to be creative and a bit rebellious — to play with their notions of who they are and everything else. This year we spotlight works that celebrate the whimsy, the iconoclast, and that investigate the American cultural subtext”


  • Tues. Feb. 28, 8 PM — Grammy Award Winner Michael Daugherty – creator of iconic American works such as “Metropolis Symphony” – based on Superman will be on hand to direct performances of three chamber works: “Lounge Lizards”, “Walk the Walk” & Fire & Blood — Mvt. 3″. Works will be performed by NWEAMO resident ensemble SWARMIUS, aided by ace pianists NYC-based Peripeteticus (aka Geoffrey Burleson) and SDSU’s own Kareening Fallingstar (aka Karen Follingstad). Other works on the program will include new arrangements of works by Jozefius (aka Waters) incorporating SWARMIUS’ new hot shot percussionist Justinus Lion Heart (Justin Dehart). Daugherty & Waters were classmates at Yale and both have dedicated their creative efforts to breaking down cultural walls & integrating American popular culture into classical music. http://www.michaeldaugherty.net/
  • Wed. Feb. 29, Noon — ace NYC pianist Peripetetucus (aka Geoffrey Burleson) performs a solo piano recital including Frank Zappa’s “BeBop Tango” and Dutch composer Jacob TV’s hilarious “The Body Of Your Dreams”, for piano and boombox, a send-up of commercial television http://www.geoffreyburleson.com/
  • Wed. Feb. 29, 8 PM — a grab-bag of works for unusual solo instruments & electronics: Swedish composer Thermonius Zonk (aka Lars Bröndum) performs Theremin & elec., Korean composer GAYAMUS (aka Young Shin Choi) will perform a work for Gayageum (Korean zither) and Live Electronics, and Stanford composer Pretentious Applemousus (aka Mark Applebaum) will perform his work for pantomime & electronics
  • Saturday Mar 3, 8 PM — for the first time since 1987, the amazing Harry Partch Ensemble will perform a full concert for the festival closer. The supreme iconoclast composer Harry Partch, widely considered one of the most significant and original American composers, lived in San Diego during the last decades of his life, & his virtuoso ensemble of weird and beautiful instruments was in residence at SDSU. NWEAMO is delighted to be able to host the return of the music under the direction of LA – based guitarist and conductor John Schneider. http://partchworld.com/


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