Bradford Reed never fails to entertain and inspire. This Brooklyn, NY based composer, performer and producer fights and tames the idiosyncrasies of the pencilina, an original instrument of his own design and construction. The pencilina is an electric ten stringed collision of the hammer dulcimer, slide guitar, koto and fretless bass with six pickups of varied types. It is struck with sticks, plucked and bowed, giving Reed an incredibly wide sonic palette. Many have enjoyed Reed’s frequent street performances and club dates.

In additon to his solo work, Bradford plays the pencilina, drums and keyboards with King Missile III (“Detachable Penis” and “Jesus Was Way Cool”) and produced Failure and The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (on Shimmy Disc/Instict Records) as well as Royal Lunch (Important Records). He also played the electric zither in the Blue Man Group’s band in their lauded Off-Broadway show, Tubes for 8 years. Reed has appeared with his pencilina on MTV, USA Up All Night, Fox’s Sound FX, The Tonight Show and has toured throughout the USA, Asia and Europe. Reed is also featured on Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones, Ellipsis Arts’ second experimental instruments compilation album which includes music by Tom Waits, Aphex Twin and John Cage.