Lars Bröndum, PhD, is a composer, performer of live-electronics, theorist and guitarist. His music has been performed in Sweden, Japan, Scotland, Lithuania, Latvia, England, USA, Spain and Mexico and has been broadcast on radio and webradio in Germany, England, Sweden and USA. His music often explores the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments and lives on the border between written music and improvisation. The compositions are structured around cyclical processes, irregular ostinatos, fragmented gestures and microtonal clusters. Lars performs live using an analog modular system, a Theremin, effect pedals and a laptop with Max/MSP. Bröndum often composes for (and plays with) the ensembles ReSurge, ExSurge and Spiral Cycle.  Other projects that he is involved in are the “Ensemble SFW” and a duo with Sten-Olof Hellström. He has received composer grants from Konstnärsnämnden (Swedish Art Council), STIM (Swedish Performing Rights Society) and awards from FST (Swedish Composer´s Society). Bröndum is the founder of the independent record label MuArk.