PRESTON STAHLY is an award-winning composer who has written for chamber, vocal, and symphonic ensembles, as well as for film (e.g., Robert Altman’s Secret Honor) and television (e.g., the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Children’s Television Workshop).  Recent commissions include Sapphire for violin and electronic track (2010) for violinist Mary Rowell; Burn Rate for piano and electronic track (2012) for pianist Geoffrey Burleson; Pleiades for violin and electronics (2013) for violinist Zach Brock; Cover Charge for six-string electric violinist Tracy Silverman and violinist Mary Rowell to be premiered May 17, 2014 in NYC; and Medusa’s Bow, a trio for pianist Kathleen Supové, violinist Jennifer Choi, and cellist Wendy Law, to be premiered in 2015 at The Cell theater in NYC.

In addition to composing, he has curated the Tribeca New Music Festival from its inception in 2001 and helped spearhead the Avant Pop movement in NYC, focusing on a new classical music infused with pop culture. The press has praised the series, saying, “The success of the Tribeca New Music Festival no doubt stems both from high-quality performances and from its eclectic, anti-elitist ‘avant pop’ programming ethos.” —New York Times, and “The reigning aesthetic, dubbed ‘the emerging avant pop’ by artistic director Preston Stahly, welcomes a wide variety of composers, united by creative engagement with popular culture.” —Steve Smith, TimeOut NY.

In 2004 he became and is currently the artistic and executive director of Tribeca New Music in NYC.