SDSU Alumni Electronic

Young Shin Choi

Young-Shin Choi is a composer for both instrumental and electro-acoustic music with a strong interest in interdisciplinary digital media. Dr. Choi is striving to cultivate an aesthetic based upon a unique combination of musical elements drawn from Korean traditional music and modern Western musical idioms.

In the Fall 2011, Dr. Choi joined faculty of Rochester Community and Technical College and is teaching Electronic Music Composition I&II, Audio Production I&II, Concert Recording  and Sound Reinforcement, and General Music classes, such as Music Appreciation and Pop Music in the United States. He is also serving as Coordinator of the Music Technology program, Director of the five electronic music studios, and Faculty Adviser for the Music Technology Club.

He is now at work on multimedia pieces for  gayageum (Korean 12-string zither), live electronics  and video that will receive its world premiere in February 2012. in San Diego, California and in March,  2012, Rochester, Minnesota.

Bob Kostlan
for their unique blend of hip hop, psychedelic rock and politically-committed soul. GOS is composed of self-taught and classically-trained musicians whose mix of talents have created one of the more original sounds to come out of the San Diego music scene. GOS makes good use of their diverse love of music to create a head-nodding yet still thought-provoking sound.

Genius of Soul formed in 2005 after Timmy “Timeless” Felten (keyboardist),iD the Poet, and Bob Kostlan (bass) met in a college music class. They recruited several drummers and guitarists over the years, finally arriving at the current line-up of Tony Schmitt (drums), and Phil Garibotto (guitar). To complete the sound, GOS added DJ/instrumentalist OpenOptics.

In 2007 Genius of Soul was nominated for “Best Hip Hop Album” by the San Diego Music Awards for their album, Sleep Now.

“A Project for the New American Century”, their first full-length album, is due out October 2010.

Tim Poulin
Tim Poulin completed his BA (composition) at UCSB’s College of Creative Studies with Jeremy Haladyna and Curtis Roads.  He is Currently completing MM with Joseph Waters at SDSU.
Tim’s works include music for short films, sound collages, live interactive pieces (acoustic and electronic), algorithmic and generative pieces, and cognitive musical studies.
His works have received numerous performances throughout southern California. Tim is a passionate teacher and technology buff and plans to pursue a career in technology-based music education after completing his doctorate in music.

Adnan Marquez
I like to toot my horn and…(official version) I am a Mexican saxophonist and composer active in both California and Baja California with numerous groups. His music focuses on improvisation and electroacoustic sound manipulation. Influenced by jazz, classical music, free improvisation, electronica, and traditional musics, his improvisations and compositions synthesize these elements into a unique personal style. He has participated in numerous projects with members of the Trummerflora Collective, the Spectrum Saxophone Quartet, and the Mexican Improvisation Collective Generación Espontánea. His current project with guitarist Greg Gibson, Birthdays and Funerals, is an attempt to bring seamlessly together live improvisation with both computers and live instruments. He currently holds a master’s degree in Music, Science, and Technology (MA/MST) from Stanford University.