Equal / Opposite / Complementary

SCIENCE vivifies our lives by seeking great laws that underlie the structure and dynamics of nature.  It is reductionist by design, because it is looking for general principles and patterns.  (e.g. Why do planets revolve around the sun?  What is the nature of gravity?)
ART vivifies our lives by illuminating that non-reducible moment-to-moment sensation of agency that each of us experiences throughout the day — that spark of self that comprises our utterly unique core of personal consciousness, our private window on the world.
Science & Art are opposite sides of the same coin.  Each complements and completes the other and together they can offer us means for constructing maps of the future that can result in wise and fruitful stewardship of ourselves and the planet.
Science is about asking questions that yield answers that raise further questions that yield further answers and on and on.
 Art is about asking questions that give rise to more questions that raise more questions, forever, without ever giving answers...
Though we fully support initiatives that use art to create pathways into science , and vice versa, NWEAMO [Nurture Wonder Evolving Arts & Music Organization] is proposing something bigger,  a synthesis of art and science – not art in the service of science nor science in the service of art but something that truly embraces both simultaneously that does not yet have a name.  This is where the future of innovation lies.


Peripateticus aka Geoffrey Burleson
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Tristan Shone
Medea Electronique
moda electornique
Chris Sugrue
Memo Akten
memo aktn
Apparati Effimeri
apparati effimeri
Freida Abtan
freida abtan
SAXIMUS aka Todd Rewoldt
Fiddlus El Gato aka Felix Olschofka
Crotalius Redfoot aka Joel Bluestone
Justinius LionHeart aka Justin Dehart
Jozefius Rattus aka Joseph Waters
with special guests Kareening Fallingstar aka Karen Follingstad & Peripeteticus aka Geoffrey Burleson
Their new direction in music fusion is the result of each musician’s unique backgrounds and influences. Says Rewoldt (saxophones), a former sponsored amateur skateboarder, punk bassist and graduate from the Eastman School of Music (DMA), "You have to have balls, you have to go for it. If you’re speeding across a parking lot, about to 360 flip down a set of 15 stairs, you have a choice to make. Either pull the trick or end up bloody as hell, getting stitches and picking at scabs for the next three weeks. This is the mindset of SWARMIUS."
Felix Olschofka (violin), began playing the violin at the age of five, winning numerous competitions, recording at the age of fourteen and playing for the president of Germany before he was twenty.
Joseph Waters (Laptop/Composer) grew up playing in rock bands, studied at Yale and conjures a musical brew that juxtaposes hip-hop and Mahler. I'm not interested in making simple, or, 'dumbed-down' music for the masses. On the contrary, I think in general people are smart, that the musical choices they make are important and worthy of serious consideration. I love classical music, and realize that for it to remain healthy it must connect in the most vital way with the music that most people listen to in their daily lives and that speaks to them and that they care about. And I also love rock — it’s where I come from and is deep inside me.
SWARMIUS’ frequent guest percussionist Joel Bluestone was tapping things before he could walk, maintains a rigorous performance schedule of horse racing, rock drumming & world percussion. According to Bluestone, At heart I'm just a kid with two sticks who likes to rock and extract sound from anything that does not protest too loudly. Joel's unique flair provides SWARMIUS with a blast of rhythmic color.
Sylvia Eckermann
sylvia eckermann