Can a plant chew gum
and ride a bicycle simultaneously?

David Lipson,
Joel Bakker and Kim Reasor

Electronically generated overtones driven by a simulated oak canopy and action potentials from a live plant, accompanied by acoustic guitar and percussion.
Audience particpation encouraged.

The Oakestra is an instrument designed to capture in sound the unique environment created under an oak tree canopy:
a shifting tapestry of dappled light filtering through swaying branches, a cool, moist refuge where leaf litter and deep roots enrich the soil.
Light and temperature control harmonics, a wind sensor creates a haunting siren, and a sonar range finder modulates percussive white noise as branches oscillate in the wind.
This performance is accompanied by guitars and percussion instruments, including some crafted from acorns and oak branches.

Oakestra Rehearsal

There will also be a special guest appearance by Homie the Houseplant, rigged with an apparatus (the Plant Player) that lets us hear the action potentials (s)he produces in response to human touch.
The audience will be invited to join us in exploring these instruments.