20th Anniversary retrospective

NWEAMO has been presented every year since 1998 in locations across the globe.
2018 was our 20th year!
This page celebrates 2 decades of wonderful music in multiple locations. 

San Diego
Night One
Sadly, the first night was cancelled due to severe weather in New York

Night Two

Friday, March 17
SWARMIUS Ensemble & Friends World premieres of works from
Jozefius’ in-progress opera “Saint Francis De Los Barrios”




Night Three
Saturday, March 18
Various artists “Juried selection of International contemporary acoustic, electronic, dance & video works”







Night Four

Sunday, March 19
TrioPolis Ensemble “Commissioned works for violin, clarinet & piano”

The TrioPolis Ensemble consists of these musicians:
Felix Olschofka, violin
Kimberly Cole Luevano, clarinet
Anatolia Ioannides, piano

San Diego
Myth and Music

NWEAMO 2016 art by Mark Kostabi

Night One
CompCord Ensemble 
Featuring Mark Kostabi & Lukas Ligeti
‘Music & Myth’
with: Lynn Bechtold – violin, Gene Pritsker – guitar, Dan Cooper – bass
Music by: Lynn Bechtold, Dan Cooper, Melissa Grey, Peter Jarvis, Mark Kostabi, Lukas Ligeti, Gene Pritsker.
The four core members are: Milica Paranosic – voice and keys, Gene Pritsker – guitar, Dan Cooper – bass, and Peter Jarvis – Percussion
Composers Concordance

There were also performances by Gregory Walker and Jeff Ross.
Live supporting visuals were provided by Bombasticus.


Night two

Tribal Baroque: The Dynamic Duo:Thoth, countertenor and violin; Lila’Angelique, soprano and violin.


Half of the Tribal baroque duo. Half of the Tribal Baroque duo.

Tribal Baroque: The Dynamic Duo
Thoth, countertenor and violin; Lila’Angelique, soprano and violin.
Using countertenor and soprano vocals, Tribal Baroque performs original fantasy operas accompanied by foot-percussion,
dance, theater and violins.
They will be sharing excerpts of their opera “Esh and Ee-ay”.

Thoth, countertenor and violin; Lila'Angelique, soprano and violin

Joel & Bonnie Bluestone also performed


November 12, 2016


1. Ellie- Jason Hobman
2. Sense- Panayiotis Kokoras
3. Elastic Galactic- Chris Warren
4. Present-Day Jakuchu Series: Butterfly Pictures “Mourning Cloak” –
Naotoshi Osaka
5. Gris-Gris Man – Gregory Walker
6. Eighteen- Adam James Wilson

Performances by Miolina (Violin Duo):
7. Minnehaha Miniatures- Lynn Bechtold
8. Nagare- Yoshia Yasuda
9. Spinning Song- Dan Cooper
10. Sarahal- Mari Kimura
11. Cali Karsilama- Joseph Martin Waters

November 13, 2016

1. Toreutique- Vanessa Massera
2. Future Creatures- Alexander Sigman
3. Braingame #1- Marcus Anomalous
4. Glowing Forest- Young-Shin Choi
5. Walmart 3am- Paul Botelho
6. detritus | reconstructions- Alexander Sigman
7. Jisei 2.0- Gregory Walker

Performaces by SWARMIUS (band)
8. EeOoEe- Joseph Martin Waters
9. Cornelia St. – Joseph Martin Waters

Listening booth:

Paolo Pastorino- Dimensione aggiuntiva
Rikhardur H. Fridriksson- Postcards from North and South
Kyohei Hayashi- “Stained glass windows in the sky”
Armand Lesecq- Méandre
Sibylle Pomorin- Zephyr
Hoyong Lee- Habits of 0&1
Won Lee- Taping Impulses
Ayako Sato- “August, blue colored green”
Kotoka Suzuki- Automata | Mechanical Garden

JONGCHAN HYUN- Durante mi viaje
Nicoletta Andreuccetti- Living Voices
Anna Terzaroli- Polyphonic N
Neil Rolnick – “O Brother”
Antonio D’Amato- Körper
Antonio D’Amato- Construction 1







San Diego
From Trance to Cool:

2015 featured a new concerto grosso entitled “Suite Noir”, by Joseph Martin Waters.

Theia (Emma DePuy) on vocals Schrödinger’s Sax – Michael Couper (alto sax) Augustus Marimbus – Andrew Kreysa (vibes) Plus our collaborator and founder of the Hausmann String Quartet – Newtonium ( Isaac Allen) on violin.

Movement 1 — Floating Above The City At Night
Movement 2 — An Invisible Wind Of Imaginary Music
Movement 3 — Cerulean And Other Colors Of The Sky

Also performed in 2015 were the following compositions:

Quiet Music
Early Morning (string trio, performed by members of the Hausmann String Qt: Isaac Allen, Angela Choong, Alex Greenbaum

M8untain In The Mist
Performed by the SWARMIUS Ensemble

Bee Carillon
A Habernero Palindrome (performed by SWARMIUS)

2014 – San Diego CA:
Play, Players, Playing & Playfulness

An Evening of Music About Playful Raccoon Gourmands and the Bittersweet of Schubert

The first evening of the festival was held at the Unitarian Universalist church.

Day After Day Pete Ham, arr. Jeff Alan Ross
Jeff Alan Ross — vocals/gtr, Narnia — vocals, SAXIMUS — alto sax, Marimbus — marimba, Crotalius — vibraphone, Peripateticus — piano, Maribella — violin

Leprechauns in Starlight World premiere
Jozefius SAXIMUS — alto sax, Marimbus — marimba, Peripateticus — panpipes, Sahara — harp

Falling  Jozefius
First UU Children’s Choir — dir. Lynn Mendoza-Khan, Kareening Fallingstar — piano, Marimbus — Marimba

Powerhouse Passacaglia: A fantasy-homage on Raymond Scott’s ‘Powerhouse’”
Peripateticus SAXIMUS — alto sax, Marimbus – percussion, Peripateticus — piano, Maribella — violin , Crotalius — percussion

Raccoons In The Pool World premiere
Jozefius Crotalius — vibraphone, Peripateticus — melodica & panpipes, Maribella — violin, electronics

Daniel Bernard Roumain Maribella — violin

Things World premiere
Jozefius Jeff Alan Ross — bass, Narnia — vocals, SAXIMUS — alto sax, Marimbus — vibraphone, Peripateticus — melodica & panpipes, Sahara — harp, Jozefius — electronics

Mushrooms in Starlight
Jozefius SAXIMUS — alto sax, Marimbus — marimba

March 23rd: Sunday (Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego)

The second evening was performed at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s Heikoff dome, and featured use of the theater’s full dome system, with imaginative imagery covering the surface of the dome.

C++ (Christina Goestl) & BORIS KOPEINIG
DELIGHTED DECAY (Christian Kjeldsen, Kristopher Apple, Ariana Warren, Chris Warren)
LUMINICO ASTRONOMIAS SONORAS (Rodrigo Sigal, Jose Luis Garcia Nava & Alejandro Escuer)
NEON GOLDEN (Stefan Kainbacher)
Also featuring ENVISION <the arts> at Canyon Crest Academy students OZAN BERLINGUETTE AND JOSH MASTERS under the direction of ANNE WHATTOFF & NATE JARRELL

2013-San Diego
Emotional circuits: Electric animal

Emotional circuits: Electric animal Newsflash! We are all the same – under the hood. Mammals & birds share the same neurobiology for emotions. Is it time to ask your dog to join the choir? … a Suzuki piano method for your cat? New inventions such as fMRI and MEG are showing our brain circuits with a degree of resolution previously impossible.

2012 Hidden Identities
San Diego

NWEAMO 2012 is part of the celebration of SDSU SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DANCE 75th ANNIVERSARY —
NWEAMO respectfully dedicates the 2012 festival to Steve Jobs, a great dreamer, who made dreams into reality, and who gave us tools to realize our own dreams. The NWEAMO crew invites you to indulge your need for creative escape and join us in celebrating our hidden dreamworlds at a series of fantasy concerts designed to provide a soundtrack to our collective unconscious. All you need to enter is a simple mask, nothing fancy, and a Swarmius-NWEAMO name.

Grammy Award Winner Michael Daugherty –directs a performances of three chamber works:

Lounge Lizards
Walk the Walk
Fire & Blood
 — Mvt. 3.
 ensemble SWARMIUS, Peripeteticus (aka Geoffrey Burleson)  Kareening Fallingstar (aka Karen Follingstad). Justinus Lion Heart (Justin Dehart).

BeBop Tango
The Body Of Your Dreams  Peripetetucus (aka Geoffrey Burleson)


Swedish composer Thermonius Zonk (aka Lars Bröndum) performs Theremin & elec.,
Korean composer GAYAMUS (aka Young Shin Choi) performs a work for Gayageum (Korean zither) and Live Electronics.
Pretentious Applemousus (aka Mark Applebaum) will perform his work for pantomime & electronics.

NYC-based chamber ensemble Real Quiet premiers Waters’ virtuoso tour-de-force Rafael’s Saga.

Harry Partch Ensemble performs a full concert for the festival closer under the direction of LA – based guitarist and conductor John Schneider.


East Meets West
San Diego

Music and dance are an integral part of NWEAMO.





Around the Corner…Art is Made
San Diego, Venice Italy









What Is A Machine
San Diego, Venice Italy





Can Art Be About Sex?
San Diego, Miami, Stonybrook, New York City

NWEAMO in New York

Synesthesia: The Mixing of Senses
San Diego, Boulder, Morelia (Mexico), New York City

Pulse: The Influence of Africa
Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; New York City, NY, Venice, Italy









Connection to the Ancients
Portland, OR, San Diego, CA,Mexico City

Invented Instruments
(In Memory of the 30th anniversary of the death of Harry Partch)
Portland, OR; San Diego








The Plastic Fantastic Interactive
Portland, OR, San Diego

To Beat Or Not To Beat, That Is The Question
Portland, OR; San Diego


Portland OR

Portland OR

Portland OR