Michael Couper, composer
Kevin Travers, lead animator

Transcend represents a perpetual goal of thriving in a world which assaults from all directions. In the first part, Chaos, stressors and gloomy situations fight for attention, constantly shifting focus and making it difficult for the saxophonist to find space for itself. In the second part, Comfort, frustration with all the noise gives way to a desire to disconnect and shut everything out, seeking tranquility and the comfort of the familiar. Finally, in the third part, Clarity, the saxophonist learns to navigate life’s challenges with grace, positivity, and humor. Unable to simply ignore all that is going wrong in the world, it instead takes ownership of the things it can affect and is unencumbered by the things it cannot. Transcend was commissioned by the Mimesis Ensemble and is dedicated to my muse, Cameron Cheung