NWEAMO 2019 Event Two


Friday, April 26 2019, 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Smith Recital Hall, San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92182, USA (map)

Seoul, Korea-based ensemble that performs contemporary music on traditional Korean instruments

1. Cheon-nyeon-man-se

Gayageum Geomungo Daegeum Piri Haegeum
(wishing the people a long and lasting life) is a representative work from the
julpungryu (string chamber) repertoire which was developed in the late Joseon period. The suite includes three pieces: a slow-paced song known as
Gyemyeongarak dodeuri;
Yangcheong dodeuri
which proceeds at a faster pace; and the final piece
, Ujogarak dodeuri , which takes us back to the slow temp. The second piece
Yangcheong dodeuri
is one of the fastest pieces in the jeongak
(aristocratic instrumental chamber) genre of music.
Today, ensemble PHASE will be performing
Gyemyeongarak dodeuri and Yangcheong dodeuri.

2. Karma ( 業 )
by Yesong Ra

Daegeum Janggu

A sandcastle built by the seashore
A wave swallows the whole castle leaving nothing but sand.
Another sandcastle is built by the seashore
Again a wave swallows the whole castle leaving nothing but sand.
Wave falls, sand becomes wet .

– from ‘Your sand game’

3. Chamber Music for Haegeum Magogut
composed by Minseop Song

Gayageum Geomungo·Jing Daegeum Haegeum Janggu Piano

According to Korea’s ancient document
Jingsimrok』 , Saint Mago
is a queen of the ‘‘Castle Mago’, the highest castle in the ground.
Her two daughters,
Gunghui and Sohui , who gave birth without a spouse, were called ‘
Three goddess of Mago’.

composed by Taeil Lee

Gayageum Geomungo Daegeum Piri Haegeum

Narke is a term that appears in Plato’s mid-term dialogue Meno(Μένων),
which refers to ‘electric ray’.

Narke is a piece which focused on time and noise.
It enables people to get a glimpse of various pronunciation
of each instrument within the time frame set by the composer.

5. Air Earth Ocean
composed by Joseph M. Waters

Piri Haegeum Piano

Air Earth Ocean 
 is a miniature tone poem about the three worlds of our mother the earth, the creatures who live on and in each world, the dynamics of flow, the spirits of the air, water and soil, the rivers of emotion that exhale the breath of the ocean up into the clouds and over the mountains, the streaming hordes of fire ants and naked humans dancing in the streets and canyons, the bird magicians dancing in the rising air currents and boldly singing secrets from their hidden perches amongst the ears and hands and brilliant green chlorophyll tongues, trembling with each passing whisper ….

6. Artist Cemetery
composed by Sangbin Patrick Lee

Gayageum Geomungo Daegeum Piri·Sheng Haegeum Percussions

Mourning for all the artistic spirits who have ever been unjustly dead on the earth.
Rest in Peace.