Feed Two Birds With One Seed

Nakul Tiruviluamala: Composer/Songwriter/Lyricist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer
Nichole DiGangi: Singer/Songwriter/Lyricist
Christy Huynh: Lyricist
Justin Joyce: Typewriter

This piece explores mental health, bigotry, and violence. The main character’s murderous and manic tendencies are explored during the first half of the piece. Later in the piece, another character emphasizes the need for nonviolence and inclusivity. This character can either be interpreted as the killer’s girlfriend, or their alter ego. The typewriter symbolizes the killer’s primary weapon, as their hatred festered through online chatrooms. The killer in the piece is very loosely based on the Poway synagogue shooter, a musician who released a manifesto glorifying white supremacy. As the project develops, the killer’s white supremacist tendencies will be further examined.