NWEAMO 2021 Part Two

Note: After release, each piece will be continuously available on the NWEAMO website.

Introduction to NWEAMO 2021

by George Pittas

YouTube playlist for Part Two

Hommage to Anonymous Ancient Fiddlers

Texu Kim, composer
Rannveig Marta Sarc and Brian Hong, violins
New York Classical Players, production

Entertainment has been one of the most significant functions of music and virtuosity is one of the keys to that. One may recall some representative examples such as Paganini and Liszt, but I believe that there have been many more unknown heroes in music history. This piece, as the title attempts to show, is about the anonymous ancient fiddlers – their impressive skills and their endeavor to acquire them. This piece has numerous virtuosic variations of a simple imaginary ancient melody. In order to add some more ‘ancient flavor’ and to make the piece more virtuosic, I incorporated several techniques such as hockets (distributed melody between two players), triple and quadruple stops, and detuning effect, all of which are from pre-Baroque era.

The Negro Speaks of Rivers

Gregory T.S. Walker – guitarist, composer, game designer

Gregory T.S. Walker’s ghostly image can be seen navigating a post-riot holocaust of his own design in his latest video game, The Negro Speaks of Rivers. Performing in real-time while controlling an avatar with poetry from the great African-American writer Langston Hughes, the spoken quotations function as command codes for voice recognition software. Walker creates a nightmarescape of electronic guitar textures for this escape from America.

Saint Children

Joseph Martin Waters
Saint Children is a scene from the opera “The Magic Hummingbird”, about refuges crossing the border through a magic tunnel.
This scene finds CLARA, FRANCISCO AND FRANKLIN lost in a storm and finding refuge in a hut of plant spirits, guided by Apollonia Sabia


PLANT SPIRITS Let out. Let out

APOLLONIA SABIA Let out your curious tongue

SPIRITS Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?

APOLLONIA Secret garden lies before you Hidden
From your eyes
In the secret garden
The orchestra is playing


APOLLONIA Be Still, Listen!


Can you hear?
Can you hear?


The wind in the leaves
Transforms the breath
Of the little saints
And the breath
Carries the voices
Singing together

APOLLONIA Intertwining


Be Still, Listen!

SPIRITS Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?

A tapestry of voices

FRANKLIN Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?


ning ning ning ning

APOLLONIA Let out your curious tongue
Let me place in your mouth
The sacred children

SPIRITS This is the reason
That you came FRANKLIN
This is the reason That you are here SPIRITS Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Can you hear?
Ancient rhymes
Counterpoint And fugue

What is the message?
Aaaah Aaaah

Let the little saints
Lead you down
Once again
Back To the secret garden

Composer and Lyricist
Joseph Martin Waters

Director and Choreographer Lauren Haughton Gillis

Animator and Video Designer
Svetlana Reinish

Singer- Dancers
Featuring Karen Garcia as Apollonia-Sabia Leonard Patton
Mariam Mouawad
Nina Leilani Deering
Philip Gomez
Lexi Vierra
Cat Rojo
Todd Rewold

Todd Rewoldt – alto saxophone
Daniel Castro – guitars and bass
Geoffrey Burleson – piano
Daniel Pate – udu and pandeiro

Joseph Martin Waters – panpipes

Spoken word
Leonard Patton
Cat Rojo
Mark Rodriguez

Costume Design Faith A J Steenbergen

Stage Manager Mark Rodriguez

Director of Photography Daniel Castro

Beach videos
Bernie Cervantes

Lighting and Live Special Effects
Bernie Cervantes

Beach Silhouettes
Bernie Cervantes
Marlon Cervantes
Diana Bice
© copyright 2021
Joseph Martin Waters All Rights Reserved

Ω▽(OHMSLICE) – Gravity

Mark Street – Films
Joel Schlemowitz – Optical Phase Circles
Jane Lecroy – Voice
Bradford Reed- Drums Via Modular Synthesizer/video edit/nature footage
Josh Matthews – Drums
Daniel Carter – Saxophone

From the album Conduit which presents an innovative, compelling, and violently unquantized approach to groove based electronic music. The band/improvisation collective, Ω▽ (OHMSLICE), features free jazz mainstay, Daniel Carter, as well as alumni and collaborators from King Missile III, Swans, and Blue Man Group.

“Perdido Sin Ti”
(Lost Without You) 

Gustavo (Tavo) Alcoser, Jr – lyricist, composer, arranger

Music was inspired by flamenco progressions and electronic dance music from the 1990s. The story reflects the agony experienced by a person who is having an affair with someone who is already married.

Black Rain

Toni Dimitrov – director
Krzysztof Kotlinski – music

“Black Rain” was being created during the period 2008 to 2015, and it was a time of breakthrough in Krzysiek’s musical career. This album is a record of the dark dream of an adolescent child, in which his desires and dreams mix, sadness and joy combine, including fear, and a vision of the world created by his imagination. It is also an attempt to capture all these scraps of emotions, and to recall the moments that were forever stuck in the subconsciousness. The jagged sounds of instruments, clicks and noises, distorted soundscapes and deep spaces included on the album symbolize these fragments, already blurred by the time, barely discernible at times, but still returning in many different forms.


Tape A Pick/TAP
Milica Paranosic and Brian DuFord

Music and performance by Take A Pick: Milica Paranosic and Brian DuFordLyrics by Take A Pick, based on American Fever: A Tale of Romance and Pestilence by Peter Christian Hall

On the Arch of a Monochrome Rainbow

Yuanyuan (Kay) He – Composer and Visual Artist; Jackie Glazier – Clarinet

On the Arch of a Monochrome Rainbow for clarinet and cello was inspired by Nancy Rubins’ sculpture “Monochrome,” which is displayed on the UT Austin campus. “Monochrome” stands nearly 50 feet high and stretches across 24th Street. It comprises around 75 Kayaks, canoes, and small boats, arranged together to form a giant silver tree, and has become a significant landmark in Austin, TX.”Monochrome” develops a sense of mass and scale that is accompanied with true grace. Balance becomes the main theme of the sculpture.The premiere of this piece will be in the area of the sculpture. The clarinetist stands under the canopy of “Monochrome,” where a bouquet of aluminum canoes and boats blossoms over a busy pedestrian intersection on the University of Texas campus. The sculpture accompanies the tall trees on the sidewalk, mixing with nature. There are many extended techniques I use for clarinet solo, such as large scale glissando, bending tone, multiphonic techniques, etc. These create a very interesting sound palette, which become the source of the electronic sound. Sometimes it’s gentle and beautiful, sometimes it’s odd and harsh, sometimes it’s aggressive and overwhelming, sometimes it’s colorful and joyful, just like nature. How do we keep the balance in the world to continue to live along with nature? How do we enjoy the different shades of nature, and be part of it? It just like dancing on the arch of a monochrome rainbow. It’s overwhelming and also joyful.

Sonic Suns (((GENESIS)))

Created, Composed & Edited by Gary James Joynes

Commissioned by New Music Edmonton for its 2020-21 No Normal Season with the generous assistance of The Edmonton Arts Council
Created, Composed & Edited by Gary James Joynes
All sound visualizations created in studio by analog modular synthesizer programming amplified through a custom-built cymatics water tank.
Thank you:
aAron Munson, Larry Kelly, New Music Edmonton & Edmonton Arts Council
© Copyright 2020
Gary James Joynes / Clinker
All rights reserved.
Warning: This video may not be suitable for viewers suffering from epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions.
Viewer discretion is advised.

*Content Warnings: Contains strobe effect


Today I dress myself in symbols

The Concord of Discord (Alexis C. Lamb) – composer, performer, videographer

Alexis C. Lamb’s new solo project, The Concord of Discord, combines spoken word with percussion and electronics. These pieces explore how everyday objects, ideas, and activities can lead us into considering “the bigger pictures” of our lives — our families, identities, relationships, priorities, values, and philosophies.This piece is dedicated to my wife, Danna. Thank you for giving me power. Thank you for giving others hope.”Today I dress myself in symbols” was premiered for the 2020 ChamberQUEERANTINE virtual Pride Month festival.


George Pittas

“Voices” was created in April 2019.

In a way it reflects George’s agony for the struggle of contemporary humans to reconcile with their position in the Cosmos and the need to revive our roots with Mother Earth. The work is dedicated to his daughter Nefeli Pittas.

George Pittas is Greek born in Cyprus
A professional Creative Director and Radio Producer.
Writing poetry and making music is where he meets himself.
Currently living in Cyprus.

Too Much Input


a 3D journey through the oversaturated era of screen-time binges and mental health catastrophes in post-rational pandemic

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