Milica Paranosic

An excerpt from the NWEAMO 2020 piece by Milica Paranosic entitled Penelope and the Geese

This is an excerpt from Milica Paranosic’s new chamber opera called Penelope and the Geese, Which is a feminist retelling the story of the Odyssey through Penelope’s lens. The performance was a part of Suwanee music festivals summer 2019 and coproduced and supported by University of Delaware as well as NYU.

Composer: Milica Paranosic
Librettist: Cheri Magid
Conductor: James Allen Anderson
Director: Blake Smith

Kaitlyn Tierney (Penelope)
Nicole Cherecwich
Cassidy Dixon
Cara Ferro
Hannah Hieronimus
Rachael Lipson
Rachel Pomeranz

Sarah Gober, keyboard
Barbara Carden, cello
Rebecca Murphy, flute

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Milica Paranosic, Founder/President, Paracademia Center, Inc.​