Young-Shin Choi

Young-Shin Choi performs in the NWEAMO 2020 piece Blurred Lines

Program note

Blurred Lines was originally written for electronics (fixed media and live electronics) and interactive video (computed in real time on the stage). This work abstractly depicts the sonic/visual images of three Japanese and Korean cities I traveled in the past. The sound samples used are mostly from Korean traditional instruments and random city noise. And, it was processed in creative ways using various filtering techniques. In the video, I especially explored various digital rendering techniques to create images with vivid mixture of cityscapes.

 Young-Shin Choi, DMA is a composer for both instrumental and electro-acoustic music with a strong interest in interactive digital arts. Dr. Choi is striving to cultivate an aesthetic based upon a unique combination of musical elements drawn from Korean traditional music and modern Western musical idioms.  Dr. Choi received his Doctorate degree in composition (D.M.A.) at the University of California Santa Cruz where he studied composition with David Evan Jones, Paul Nauert, David Cope, and Hi Kyung Kim and studied electronic music with Jon Appleton and Peter Elsea. 

    Recent works were presented at DIFFRAZIONI 2019 Firenze Multimedia Festival (Florence, Italy), The 2019 SCI National Conference (Albuquerque, New Mexico), 2018 NWEAMO 20th Festival (San Diego, California), NWEAMO Festival 2017 (San Diego, California), The 2016 Chamber Music Festival, The Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra (Seoul, Korea), NWEAMO Tokyo 2016 (Tokyo, Japan), DIFFRAZIONI 2014 Firenze Multimedia Festival (Florence, Italy), the 2010, 2013, and 2014 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, (New York City, NY), the 2013 Parma Music Festival (Portsmouth, NH), the 2010-2012 TaiHei Ensemble Concerts (Eugene, Oregon), the Electro-Acoustic Barn Dance (Fredericksburg, VA), the Studio 300 Digital Art and Music Festival (Lexington, KY), the Circuits and Skins Concert (Rochester, MN), the 37th Annual Rochester World Festival (Rochester, MN), the Asian Fusion Festival (Rochester, MN), the New West Electronic Arts and Music Festival (San Diego, CA), the Ehwa Music Festival (Seoul, Korea), the 2010 Nong Project (Seoul, Korea), the Pacific Rim Music Festival (Santa Cruz, CA), the ALEA III International Composition Competition (Boston, MA), the Oregon Bach Festival (Eugene, OR), the Synthese Festival (Bourge, France), the Electronic Music Midwest (Chicago, Il), the BluePrint New Music Ensemble Concert Series (San Francisco, CA), Kentucky New Music Festival (Lexington, Kentucky).

    In 2007, Dr. Choi organized a cross cultural Ensemble Sehamano, a group of international musicians dedicated to creating and performing new music inspired by the traditional music of Korea. SEHAMANO performed new music for Korean instruments, Western instruments, and electronics by the U. S. composers and himself in Korea, Japan, and the U.S. every year since 2007. Most recently, four of his new compositions for Korean and Western instruments and electronics received world premieres in Korea in 2010.

   As a teacher, Dr. Choi taught classes including Music Theory, Musicianship, Keyboard Skills, Applied Composition, Intro to Music Technology, Laptop Music, Electronic Music Composition, Audio Production, Concert Recording and Sound Reinforcement, and General Music classes, such as Music Appreciation and Pop Music in the United States at Daeshin University (2001-2002), San Diego State University (2003-2005), University of California Santa Cruz (2005-2011), and Rochester Community and Technical College (2011-2012). In addition, he served as Coordinator of the Music Technology /Industry Program, Director of the electronic music studio, and coordinated the Circuits and Skins Concerts (original audio/video compositions by the RCTC Electronic Music Students and the world drum ensemble) at RCTC.